Kalin & Chris: September 13, 2014

What better way to start blogging about weddings than to showcase one of my own! I’m a little late, but this type of love doesn’t expire. Read on…

In September of 2013, my two dear old friends Kalin Falconer and Chris Androney tied the knot. I had the fortune of meeting Chris on my first day at the Shaw Festival in 2003. Not too soon after, I met the girl who would become his wife. I can’t tell you how fantastic my time at the Shaw Festival was with those two. They, along with other amazing people like Angela O’Callaghan of Gemini Photography Ontario, who, with her darling husband Daniel, photographed Kalin & Chris’s wedding, helped make my time there so memorable that I still look back on that time in my life today as one of the best.

So, you can imagine that when I found out that Chis had popped the question and Kalin said yes, my heart fluttered. And of course, when they asked me to be their wedding planner my heart nearly exploded with excitement! This was a day many of my former colleagues and I had been expecting for years and it had finally arrived. I was and still am greatly flattered that they chose to share in their special day with me. At the time, Kalin had recently formed Vineyard Bride, which if you haven’t referenced by now, then you really should. And, with only weeks to go before their big day, Kalin created a home-based floral arranging business called Bloom & Company, which is quickly integrating into wedding vendor scene as one of the most unique floral houses in the Niagara region. If anyone was to have a visually memorable wedding it was this girl.

By the time I climbed aboard, Kalin had already made great strides in designing projects for their wedding, like all the charming signage you’ll see in the photos below. It goes without saying that Kalin designed and hand-crafted all floral aspects of her own wedding. What an amazing girl. No wonder Chris wanted to marry her!

The big day came and it was magical. Too much love for one day! I really can’t say enough about how fantastic being a part of this day made me feel, but maybe you can get an idea by reliving the day through beautiful imagery yourself. Kalin reached out to The Wedding Co. to have hers and Chris’s wedding featured and in February it was posted on The Wedding Co. Blog, seen here.

And they lived happily ever after.